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Information for parents, their families and friends

We hope that you will find these information pages useful.  Please note that they are not intended as a replacement for medical advice, but instead provide a general overview for your personal use along with suggestions of further sources of information.

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Links to information

Antenatal screening  (NHS Choices)

Ectopic pregnancy  (NHS Choices)

Hughes Syndrome  (NHS Choices)

Miscarriage  (NHS Choices)

Stillbirth  (NHS Choices)

Pregnancy and GBS  (NHS Choices)

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome  (NHS Choices)

Ultrasound scan  (NHS Choices)

Patient information  (Royal College of Gynaecologists)

Early miscarriage: information for you (Royal College of Gynaecologists)

Bleeding and pain in early pregnancy: information for you (Royal College of Gynaecologists)

Couples with recurrent miscarriage: what the RCOG guideline means to you (Royal College of Gynaecologists)

Pr-eclampsia: What you need to know (Royal College of Gynaecologists)

Preventing GBS infection in newborn babies (Royal College of Gynaecologists)

Ectopic pregnancy and Chlamydia (Ectopic Pregnancy Trust)

Edwards Syndrome: Trisomy 18  (Guys and St Thomas's NHS Trust)

Also search at NHS Evidence for links to clinical guidance on women's health, specialist libraries, evidence and patient information